We sell luxury bird nesting material ... COSYNEST.

We first realised the need for this product when watching blue tits, robins, finches and others pulling strands of fleece where they had been caught in brambles. We gathered a handful of fleece and put it into a suet feeder and hung it in a bush. It was a hit and soon many types of bird were visiting to collect their nest lining material. You can now offer the same luxury to your visiting birds.

Our bird nesting material comprises a recyclable cardboard box of 40gms of luxury alpaca fleece. The fibre varies in length and colour meaning the birds can select just the appropriate strands for their nest building. Cut some holes in the box and tease out a few tufts of fleece. Put the box in the branches of a tree or bush and let the birds do the rest. Alternatively, put the fleece into a bird suet feeder and hang it near other feeders or anywhere the birds can find it.

Caged birds can also benefit from alpaca fleece. Simply replace your usual nesting products with our alpaca fleece and let them do what comes naturally.

We charge just £6.99 including p&p. For security and convenience, we use PayPal to take payment. Click the button to complete your purchase. Or you can ask at your local garden centre for Cosynest.