We also sell alpacas ....

If you call and tell us what you are looking for, we can put a group for you to select from, or a package for you to consider. Special animals, such as the one you fell in love with during a visit, can be reserved with a 10% deposit until they are ready to travel.

We can sell single animals if they are joining an existing herd, or you can buy a starter herd with a minimum of three alpacas (or two pregnant females). If you are buying a group of animals from us, then a 20% discount applies to five or more alpacas purchased at the same time. Females will come pregnant to one of our prizewinning studs, and a free subsequent mating to any of our studs of your choice.

For those who have never really experienced alpacas up close and personal, why not book into a local Bed and Breakfast and "Try Before You Buy". Your alpaca experience can range from catching and haltering an animal and taking an animal for a walk, right the way through to the full range of husbandry tasks such as toenails and routine injections. Just let us know your experience of large animals and we will put together an appropriate package. People come here with experience ranging from none at all, right through to experienced vets.

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Terms and Conditions of Sale

A firm order for alpacas from you, the client, verbally or in writing, will be confirmed by an invoice from us, Sunnydale Alpacas Ltd. We may ask for a deposit of 10% at the time of the invoice. The animals ordered are your property from the time you receive your invoice, and you are advised to make suitable insurance cover through an experienced broker. The balance of any payments is to be made by cleared funds before the animals are delivered to you.

Where immediate delivery of the animals is not possible, we will keep the animals on our land, graze them on our pasture and feed them with appropriate concentrates at no cost for up to 90 days from the issue of our invoice. After that, a charge of 5 per animal per day may be levied at our discretion.

If a veterinary fee is incurred for treatment for one or more of your animals, this will be for you at cost. We will however, carry out a full veterinary check on all animals prior to them leaving our land.

You may collect the animals by arrangement, or we can deliver. If we deliver, we will charge 60 for up to 50 miles distance from us, and a further 1 per mile thereafter.

And we offer a unique guarantee ....

Everything you read here is about the wellbeing of our animals. Those that we sell, we price fairly.

You have to promise to love our animals, and look after their wellbeing.

We will give advice freely on the arrangements that you need to have in place before and after the arrival of your alpacas.

We will not sell any animals that could end up living alone. The minimum herd size is three.

If you find that you do not love your new Alpacas as much as you thought you would, or cannot give them the care they need, we will buy them back. Our rebate scheme is as follows;

Return within 1 month, 80% refund, less cost of vets inspection and any vets fees

Return within 2 months, 50% refund, less cost of vets inspection and any vets fees

Reurn within 4 months, 25% refund, less cost of vets inspection and any vets fees

Return after 4 months, 10% refund, less cost of vets inspection and any vets fees

Vets fees will be the cost of a medical check plus the cost to put the animal back into good order

Yes, we will buy back an alpaca bought from us, at any time in the future, if there is a serious change in your situation.