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Alpacas have for centuries been bred for their soft luxury yarns. Many believe that the real gold of the Incas was their alpaca fleeces and yarns. We harvest their alpaca fleeces every year, carefully sorting it into baby, fine and strong. The baby fleeces are hand spun for use in our hand woven items, more later. The fine fleeces are sent to the Natural Fibre Company in Launceston for spinning, just three miles there and three miles back, so not many miles involved for us. The shorter fibres, typically from the neck and leg, would make the fibre feel less luxurious, so we sort these separately for use in such items as felt goods or for duvet and pillow fillings. Strong fibres have a range of uses, from garden twine to bird nesting materials.

Under high power microscopes, it is obvious why alpaca wool is so much nicer to wear than sheeps wool. The alpaca fibres look smooth with a series of plates forming an edge to edge pattern, resulting in a smooth slick surface. Under the same microscope, Sheep wool looks more like barbed wire, as the plates overlap rather than lie flat, causing a rough feeling on the skin. Also, unlike sheeps wool, alpaca is free of lanolin. Alpaca wool is usually described as non-alergenic, and even babies can wear it next to their delicate skin, as they would cotton.

We sell the fleece as 100 gram skeins, neatly twisted, washed ready for you to turn into luxury knitted items. We also have some cones that come in at about 450 grams, but each one is a different weight, we will have to quote you on an individual basis, just call. The natural colours that we sell are the ones our animals produce. Natural White, Black, Golden Fawn and Rich Brown. Alpaca does take dyes very well, so if rainbow colours are your thing, buy white yarn and produce your own colour palette. We do only get one crop a year, so when each colour sells out, it's gone.

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